De BUT-awards 2013

The BUT-awards have just been awarded! And the winners are...
For best short film: The...
Mon 16 Sep '13 - 11:37

Thank you / Dank u

We at BUTFF don't know where to start thanking everybody for being part of the festival, part of...
Wed 11 Sep '13 - 12:39

BUT Report 2013 Sunday

This final episode of this years BUT TV features even more mutated creatures, and more deaths as...
Mon 09 Sep '13 - 00:12

Interview with Jan Bucquoy

Interview with Jan Bucquoy one of the main guests of BUT 2013
Sun 08 Sep '13 - 15:55

BUT Report 2013 Saturday

Frank Irwin is being hunted and nearly killed were it not that he decides to hide behind the most...
Sun 08 Sep '13 - 13:08

Interview with Debbie Rochon

Sat 07 Sep '13 - 13:08

BUT Report 2013 Friday

Fri 06 Sep '13 - 22:09

Zie ook Facebook voor heetste nieuws en laatste festivalupdates

For the most up to date But Film Festival nieuws flashes check The Facebook  https://www.facebook....
Fri 06 Sep '13 - 17:33

BUT Video Report Thursday

Fri 06 Sep '13 - 00:20

BUT blijft verassen!

Just when you think you've had everything, suddenly a number of last minute guests are coming to...
Sat 31 Aug '13 - 18:25


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