We would like to inform you about the possibilites the BUTFF offers for collaboration with other likeminded website. So we can express our love for the genre together to the public!


This year, the 8th edition of the BUT Film Festival will once again take place in Breda. It's a small and intimate festival, with a focus on B-movies, Underground and Trash.

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Our intention as a festival is to expand our audiences and to reach all movielovers of the genre. Fortunately, we succeed every year to increase our number of visitors to BUTFF.

But together, we can do better!

That's why we want to propose to you to work together in spreading the love for the genre. For starters, we would like to exchange banners for our websites.

This way we can expand our audience together. Your website will be featured on the BUTFF site for a whole year! Especially during the preparations for the festvival, we recieve a large number of visitors on our website. 

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Further, we also provide a blog that can be put on your website during the festival, written by an independent journalist.

Interested or have questions? Please contact Paul Hagenaars.

email: paul@butff.nl

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You would get some unique BUTFF gadgets in return.

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