Trouble navigating trough the huge movie program of BUTFF 2013? Program director Frank Schonewille lends a hand with some great tips about the Italian movies we are screening this year.

How can I as a programmer pick any favorites from a festival with over 40 titles! To be honest I have no idea and I'm not going to try. But the recent announcement of the program can ofcourse not go without a few tips and mustsees this year. So in this first edition I made an Italian movie route! During the programming of the festival we came to the conclusion that we are gonna have a lot of Italian work ready for you this year!

To enjoy the Italian route to the max I suggest you don't attend any later than thursday. Because at 10 pm we start with the entree: Adam Chaplin. This splatstick from Necrostorm studio not only puts you in the right mood for the festival, but also for the route. Blood and limbs will fly left and right while you can't stop peeing from laughter.

When you finally calmed down and put on clean underwear we continue on friday with two Italian BUT movies. At 6 p.m. it's time for the metal horror comedy 'Extreme Jukebox'. Again a dish with a great balance betwee gore and comedy. But no time to calm your senses. Get ready for Devour! A nightmare of sound, image, horror and humiliation. Warning: only for the true Underground fan!

Saturday we start early. At noon the fantastic 'The legend of Kaspar Hauser'. A bizarre film, great acting and alot of double meanings is what you can expect. But be aware that we play the BUTFF comedy 'Next Door Neighbours' in a different room at the same time. But you still have a chance to catch the rerun. 

Sunday we continue at 2 p.m. with 'The Pyramid'. A horror anthology of different Italian moviemakers, who will guide you through a demonic nightmare. At 4 p.m the rerun of Next Door Neighbours if you missed it the day before. It's about a man who slowly goes crazy. He's convinced something is wrong at his neighbours house. His path to becoming completely nuts is luckily a very comical one. Still have some room left? We serve dessert at 6 p.m. with Taeter City. Again a splatter comedy from Necrostrom. If you watched Adam Chaplin you know what to expect.

I hope you will enjoy our Italian route and that you of course also enjoy the rest of our great movie selection this year!

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