BUTFF is pleased to have Debbie Rochon a notorious movie-scene personality attending our festival on such short notic!

In the last week before festival kick-off we're very busy finalising details.
There will be a couple of Program Chances. We can't fly dear Debbie over without showing some of her best movies!, can we.?..

Thursday 5th of September at 20:00 we'll screen 'Nightmare Box', Saturday 7th at 14:00 'Wrath of the Crows' and as special treat reintroducing an old BUT tradition previously known as the Bloody Breakfast Movie, now presenting as the Bloody Brunch Movie. For this we serve as Sunday appetiser 'Exhumed' at 12:00 o 'clock!

Besides above changes a new Surprise 'MYSTERY EVENT' Saturday at 16:00. Can't tell you what this event is gonna be, like said a surprise, a secret, mum's the word. Keep your eyes on the Butff website, the Facebook page and our other means of broadcasting the festival, more information will follow shortly.

If you want to see the program including changes, Check below link.

(some final adjustment are in progress for the English program, Dutch is mostly in place).

Do Note the festival program booklet does not reflect these last changes, be aware and adjust accordingly

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