Fans of bizarre, experimental or otherwise distorting movies are served every year at the festival for B-movies, Underground and Trash films (BUTFF). The festival is located in the city center of Breda at the center of fine arts "Nieuwe Veste" (Sint Janstraat 16, Breda)
BUTFF screens films which divert radically for the mainstream cinema. Films that surprise you in their style, taste or content

BUTFF is an initiative of Stichting Idee-fixe (aka IDFX). This non-profit foundation aims to get a larger audience for artistic photo's, video's, film and modern digital media. Primary target of IDFX is accomplish this by serving as intermediate between public and artists or distributors of these cultural media.

The BUT film Festival which sets apart form other festival by showing films that are way of the mainstream. BUT stands for B-movie, Underground & Trash. "B-movies" are films made with a small budget which are not produced by a big production studio. "Underground films" seek out the limits of the admissible They often show explicit images. "Trash films" are over the top films in content and image.
We show a varied program for fans of the bizarre, experimental and absurd. Besides films BUTFF presents a wide range of performances, arts, workshops and poetry.

Every year we present a retrospective of a specific director or other film celebrity.
In 2013 we will show a selection of films for the Pyuniverse (the complete body of work from director Albert Pyun)
In 2010 underground film-legenddd Jörg Buttgereit was ouguestst at the festival with an overview of the new work next to some of his old films. On the edition of 2009 we welcomed King of Trash - John Waters as our honored guest. In other years we showed retrospects of David Cronenberg (USA), Cyrus Frisch (NL) and Wenzel Storch(DE)

Every year we invite directors, producers and actors form all over the world to come to the BUTFF. We welcomed people like: Fred Vogel, JT Petty, Andrew van den Houten, Lloyd Kaufman, Wenzel Storch, Christian Veil, Adam Wingard, Javi Camino, Barak Epstein, Nick Zedd, Rémy Couture and many others at the BUTFF.

Like before we will award several films and their makers. We support an award for the BUTest short film, BUTest feature, BUTest student film and the BUT ground-breaker award for a person who stands out for his or her accomplishments in the BUTgenre.


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