You're Yellow Brick road might not have been as safe as you thought, green of envy I might have lead you to the Deadly Poppy Fields.

If you made it so far, so why not travel along for the final day!..

When stepping on to the Veste square you are no longer in Breda, you are in BUTland, where time and people flow differently, let me lead you safely trough the horrors that await for those who stray of the path!

Hurry for "A taste of Kiss' (12:00) a Japanese S. F. jewel, tragic, moving work, or alternatively slide in and have your 21 chromosomes checked at "The Punk Syndrome" (12.00) a documentary about a Finnish punk-rock cult band of disabled boys. Punk is not dead, just disabled and we love it!

Slightly later you can step on the yellow conveyor belt with 'La Vie sexuelle des Belges 2: Camping Cosmos' (14.00) a comedy about the camping life, liberty, fornication, and a Ministry of Culture that wants impose art upon the working class

For parents with children there is a special children's childerns program, with exception of the one kids-movie non of the works at BUTFF are suited for kids.

After a short break the road leads to "Next door neighbor" (16:00) (repeat), already seen this, then 'Matt's Chance' an ink black comedy would be a good second option, where you follow the downward spiral after a deep heart break, real cheery stuff indeed..

At the Veste square there will be an ongoing Performance Art Program, in the intervals between the movies do get some fresh air and enjoy the atmosphere.

The following advice on this Guts & Gore free path would be Night of Error (18.00) a tribute to the most nonsensical VHS tape titles ever! including many over-the-top trailers.

Closing and top Movie of the Yellow Brick road part of the program is of course the European première of "Road to hell" (20:00) by Albert Pyun. Never you've seen a movie so fresh of the cutting board,

Of course it is 100% 'happy feet' safe to join in at the concerts with the punk, wave, electro of "Pattern Cutoff and the post-newwave of Lifeless Past 'and remember Joost will be dancing, and so might you!

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