Title Director
A Taste of Kiss (Teisuto obu kisu) (2012) Ippei Nishihara, Ippei Nishihara

Set in a futuristic Japan where cloning technology is implemented all around.

Adam Chaplin (2011) Emanuele De Santi, Giulio de Santi

Adam’s wife passed away however he is not convinced she died of natural causes.

Award-ceremony & Cyborg (1989)

Cyborg Director's Cut:

Bloodsucking Freaks (2013)

An unsuspecting audience witness an on-stage performance of torture by the master of theatre and his assistant.

BUTRR: Cannon Fodder (2013)

Part of the BUTRR program: The middle East has never been this unruly.  The Israeli special service pene

BUTRR: The Battery (2012)

Part of the BUTRR program: The world is swamped by the living dead, there is no escape.

Captain America (1990) Albert Pyun, Albert Pyun

Captain America. Albert Pyun's Director's Cut:

Cell Count (2012) Todd E. Freeman

Russell Carpenter reluctantly signs his sick wife

Club 70's: Blacula (1972)

Club 70's has been an item at The BUT Film Festival since 2008.

Club 70's: Dynamite Brothers (1974)

Club 70's has been an item at The BUT Film Festival since 2008.

Contemporary Porn (2013)

'Everything you always wanted to know about Porn but where afraid to ask'.

Dad made Dirty Movies (2012) Jordan Todorov, Jordan Todorov

This beautiful documentary is a delight for any cult

Deep in my Mind (2011) Guenther Brandl , Guenther Brandl

Elliott Davis (Günther Brandl)

Devour (2013) Graziano Staino

Top quality underground. Sound and image escorting the spectators as they trip into an endless nightmare.

Exhumed (2012) Richard Griffin, Debbie Rochon

A warped and mysterious family for unknown reasons unable to leave the house they live in.  A strange brood decide to

Extreme Jukebox (2013) Alberto Bogo, Alberto Bogo
Global Metal (2008)

The film follows metal fan and anthropologist Sam

Hooked on Cold Sculled Robots, Korte Films 2 (2013)

Hooked on Cold Sculled Robots (mixed shorts & docu's)

The End Of Berlusconi   5,5  

Jesus, Disco Saviour Korte films 1 (2013)

Jesus, Disco Saviour (live action & anim.)

Killer Kart (NOM)   15,9            

Kort filmblok Animatie (2013)

Werk, Nederlandse tekst

Kort filmblok Animatie    

La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser (The Legend of Kaspar Hauser) (2012) Davide Manuli , Davide Manuli

Kaspar Hauser seems to have appeared out of thin air, just like that, a confused boy with nothing more to say t

La Vie Sexuelle des Belges (1994)

IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTORLa Vie des Belges Sexuelle, a wacky film about the adventures of a true anarchist,look

La Vie sexuelle des Belges 2: Camping Cosmos (2012)


Mar Negro (2013) Rodrigo Aragão, Rodrigo Aragão

A small village is struck by a strange kind of disease.

Matt's Chance (2013) Nicholas Gyeney , Nicholas Gyeney

Matt found the love of his life. Unfortunately, on his birthday, he finds her in bed with someone else.

Mon Ami (2012) Rob Grant

Two friends decide to get rich fast. They kidnap the daughter of their boss and demand a hefty ransom.

Never Bloodless (Sin sangre nunca) (2013)

Never Bloodless

New Neighbor (2013) Norman England

Een vrouw van midden 20 in Japan die single is heeft het niet makkelijk.

Next door Neighbours (Visins di cjase) (2012) Marco Londero & Giulio Venier

A mentally ill man has delusions about odd things happening in the apartment next-door.

Nick the Geek (O Agathonikos) (2010) Nick Samaras

Nick needs to moves to the big city for his education.

Night of Error (1987) Godfrey Ho

We're going to dig into the remarkable film techniques of Godfrey Ho - this director took his chances to 'upgrade' du

Nightmare Box (2012) Jon Keeyes, Debbie Rochon

A woman wakes up trapped inside a room with no memory of her past.

Orgy of the Dead (1965) Stephen C. Apostolof, Jordan Todorov

John and his girlfriend Shirley are looking for a cemetery to insprire him with the writing of his next horror story.

Retard-O-Tron 3 (2013) Retard-O-Tron 3 Guest

So, here it is. Retard-O-Tron III! The long wait is over, and the insanity is once again about to commence.

Rise of the zombies (2012) Luke Kenny & Devaki Singh, Luke Kenny & Devaki Singh

BUT Film Festival is extremely thrilled to show Bollywood's first-ever zombie movie.

Road to Hell (2012) Albert Pyun

Road to Hell could be described as a sequel to Walter Hill's 1984's movie 'Streets of Fire'.

Taeter City (2012) Giulio de Santi , Giulio de Santi

In the future all subjected to the iron fist of 'THE AUTHORITY'", they control the community with radio-frequencies.

Thanatomorphose (2013)

Once a year or so a BUTFF programmer is lucky enough to see a work so different, so weird, you immediately want to sh

The 25th Reich (2012) Stephen Amis

The 25th Reich:In 1943 five soldiers are assigned a secret mission.  A mission during which they will not only cross

The Caretaker (2012) Tom Conyers, Tom Conyers

Vampires seems to be a frequent occurrence in the streets of Victoria, Australia.

The Punk Syndrome (2012) Jukka-Pekka Kärkkäinen, Jukka-Pekka Kärkkäinen

"The Punk Syndrome" shows us the Finnish punk-rock band Pertti Kurikka's, founded in 2009 by four disabled boys.

The Pyramid (2012)

The idea that certain objects can function as a portal to hell was made clear with the Hellraiser series.

The Turnpike Killer (2009) Evan Makrogiannis & Brian Weaver, Evan Makrogiannis & Brian Weaver

Jon Beest is a tormented man. He hears voices convincing him that all women he meets are sluts.

Trash, Flies and the End, Korte Films 3 (2013)

Trash, Flies and the End (live action & anim.)

T is for Trash   4,6

Visceral (2012) Felipe Eluti

Vrijdag visdag (1999)

Laat deze film u verrassen.

Zero Killed (2012) Michal Kosakowski, Michal Kosakowski

When asking a random person if they ever fantasized about committing murder the answer might surprised you.

Zombies from Outer Space (2012)

Bavaria in the fifties, during a homicide case, a scientist and an American army offi

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